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January 10, 2023

UNDP-Embassy of Sweden Agreement signing ceremony for SWAPNO II

The embassy of  Sweden and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) will work together with the Government of Bangladesh to create economic opportunities for Bangladesh’s poorest rural women. To this end, on July 3, 2022, an agreement was signed between Sweden and UNDP at the Swedish Embassy in Dhaka to extend the duration of the Swedish-UNDP joint project “Women’s Empowerment (Dream) in Productive and Prosperous Job Opportunities” until 2025. ”

Following the UNDP-Embassy of Sweden Agreement signing ceremony, please find below the wide range of media coverage.

Kaler Kontho: নারীর অর্থনৈতিক ক্ষমতায়নে ইউএনডিপির সঙ্গে থাকবে সুইডেন

NEW AGE Bangladesh: UNDP, Sweden to continue support

The Business Standard: Sweden to continue partnership with UNDP for women’s economic empowerment

Channel24: নারীর অর্থনৈতিক ক্ষমতায়নে সুইডেন-ইউএনডিপির যৌথ উদ্যোগ অব্যাহত

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